OPERA MUSICOLOGICA. 2022. Vol. 14. No. 2

2022. Том 14. № 2



  • Andrei Denisov
    Secret Messages and Ciphers: The Phenomenon of Crypto Quotation in Musical Art (8–21)

DOI: 10.26156/OM.2022.14.2.001

  • Lyudmila Makhova
    “Three Songs of Altai Kerzhaks” in the Materials of the Ethnographic Section
    of the State Musicology Institute (GIMN) and in the Recordings of 19–20th Centuries (22–81)

DOI: 10.26156/OM.2022.14.2.002

  • Tatiana Tsvetkovskaya
    Leopold Stokowski’s “Sound-Scores” (82–100)

DOI: 10.26156/OM.2022.14.2.003


  • Elena Sartakova, Elena Kulikova
    The Saint Petersburg Conservatory in 1866–1868 (Based on the Report of the Russian Musical Society) (102–115)

DOI: 10.26156/OM.2022.14.2.004

  • Anastasia Voitseshko
    “Traveler’s Album” by Alexander Serov (116–131)

DOI: 10.26156/OM.2022.14.2.005

  • Ekaterina Vlasova
    “The Collective of Professional Composers” as the “Primary Cell” of the Union of Soviet Composers of the USSR (132–158)

DOI: 10.26156/OM.2022.14.2.006


  • Vladimir Gurevich
    Tribute to Stravinsky (160–164)

DOI: 10.26156/OM.2022.14.2.007

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