Summer School

The Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory announces the distance learning Summer School in the following specialties

- Piano
- Solo singing
- Guitar
- Composition / Improvisation
- Solfeggio

Dates: August 3-13, 2020

The leading teachers of the Conservatory will conduct lessons.

The course consists of 5 individual lessons in the specialty.

Each student can take lessons with different teachers (optional). (For example, two lessons with one teacher, and three lessons with another teacher or all five lessons can be with the same teacher.)

Optionally, each student can additionally take individual solfeggio classes (at least two).

Prerequisites: secondary or higher musical education is mandatory.

Languages: Russian, English

The application fee for all participants of the summer school is 5000 rubles.

Cost of the Summer School:

1.    Piano (5 academic hours)    55 000
2.    Solo singing (5 academic hours)    55 000
3.    Guitar (5 academic hours)    55 000
4.    Composition / improvisation (5 academic hours)    55 000
5.    Solfeggio (2 academic hours)    22 000

One individual lesson is 45 minutes (1 academic hour).
The cost per one individual lesson is 11,000 rubles.

At the end of the summer school, all participants will receive certificates of attendance at the summer master courses.
Applications are accepted until July 20, 2020.
Applications should be sent to with the subject “Application for the summer school”
An application form and a copy of diploma should be attached to an e-mail
Payment of the application fee and the cost of the course is made after receiving the application and signing the contract. 

Financial conditions:

A 100% prepayment should be received at the conservatory's account no later than July 28.

An individual contract for studying at the Summer School will be signed with each participant, and all payment documents will be provided.

The tuition fee will be transferred to the conservatory's ruble account (for Russian participants) and the conservatory's foreign currency account (for foreign participants) at the Central Bank of Russia exchange rate on the day of payment. The transfer fee is paid by participants.

Refresher education courses for teachers of higher, secondary, and elementary music educational institutions.
As a part of the Summer School, refresher education courses will be held for teachers of higher, secondary, and elementary music educational institutions.
Dates: August 3-13, 2020
Applications should be sent to: with the subject “Заявка на курсы повышения квалификации”
An application form and a copy of the diploma should be attached to an e-mail.
Course subject: Distance education in the field of music: organization features of the online educational process.
Cost: 6 000 rub. (36 academic hours). Payment is made after signing the contract. 
Language: Russian