Post Graduate Performance course: «The Art of Composing»

Pre-requisite requirements:

  • Specialist degree/ Master degree in Choral Conducting
  • Library-research paper (summary, review) on the professional topic 3500-4000 words in length (19-20 pages). A standard research paper format should be used for the paper.

Entrance examinations requirements:
Professionally oriented entrance tests
The applicant will be asked to demonstrate her or his ability in sight singing, keyboard skills, score-reading, transposition, and analysis. The applicant may also be asked to give an analysis of and/or sing partsof the audition repertoiore.
1. Performing a programme/ submitting recording of the following:

- one big work for symphony orchestra (symphony, cantata, concerto)
- one work for chamber orchestra (sonata, quartet, quintet, or a vocal cycle)
Time limit: 30 minutes.

2. Colloquium:

а) Written tests:
Harmony (modulating prelude on a given theme according to a given composition and tonal plan). Time limit: 6 hours
Polyphony (double fugue 3 or 4 voice with separate theme exposition (the theme is subject of applicant’s choice from the list offered).
Time limit: 6 hours
Orchestration (orchestration of the fragment (10-12 bars) of a classical or a contemporary work given in clavier).
Time limit: 4 hours/

b) Presentation of the library-research paper (summary, review) on the professional topic. Interview with faculty on the topic of the paper and musical culture trends of 19-20 centuries.

c) Score reading: a short fragment of a symphony work.

Russian language

1. Written test
2. Reading and retelling professionally oriented text (1, 5 pages)
3. Answering text dependent questions, one question for written answer
4. Free conversation with the board on the professional topics

Knowledge of Russian at the Upper-Intermediate level (Test of Russian as a Foreign language. Second Certification level).