OPERA MUSICOLOGICA. 2020. Vol. 12. No. 1




  • Ekaterina G. Okuneva Rhythm in the Works of Luigi Dallapiccola (6–24)

DOI: 10.26156/OM.2020.12.1.001

  • Raisa N. Slonimskaya Dresden Commemorative Meetings: Vladimir Scherbachev — Nikolay Medtner (25–39)

DOI: 10.26156/OM.2020.12.1.002

  • Anna S. Arevshatyan On the Issue of the 16-Mode System, in the Theoretikal Treatises on Music by Grigor Gapasakalian (40–52)

DOI: 10.26156/OM.2020.12.1.003

  • Rein H. Laul The Aspects of the Developmental Method (the sixth lecture from the Course “Fundamenthals of Music Analysis”) (53–69)

DOI: 10.26156/OM.2020.12.1.004

  • Lyudmila Р. Makhova Songs and Rituals of the Altai Mounting District from the Stepan Gulyaev’s Collection (70–100)

DOI: 10.26156/OM.2020.12.1.005


  • Stepan I. Gulyaev On Ivan Vasilievitch Matchinsky (102–116)

DOI: 10.26156/OM.2020.12.1.006


  • Tamara I. Tverdovskaya A Little More about Rules and Progress (118–123)

DOI: 10.26156/OM.2020.12.1.007

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