Preparatory Course

Pre-requisite requirements:

  • General musical training
  • Diploma of complete secondary education (high –school diploma) or diploma from an accredited specialized music institution
  • Age: minimum age 18 years


Entrance examinations requirements:

1. A Conducting Technique Demonstration (conduction session with piano).

A candidate will need to prepare two choral works contrasting in dynamics, tempo, and expressive qualities (one work a cappella for mixed choir, and one workwith accompaniment).

 A candidate is required to perform on piano an a cappella choral score  (the work prepared for audition).


2. Singing ability and musical ability assessment.

A candidate must have a healthy vocal apparatus and have vocal skills.
A candidate must identify tonality by ear (by comparing it to a reference note (A), reference tonic triad),

identify intervals (simple and compound).




Russian language requirements:

International applicants are advised to have at least basic knowledge of Russian.

No special requirements.