International Conservatoire Week Festival 2008

The Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatoire is pleased to announce the Eighth annual International Conservatoire Week festival to be held October 15–24, 2008.

The Eighth annual International
Conservatoire Week festival
Sergey Rachmaninov’s 135th anniversary dedicated
October, 15–24, 2008

Since 2001 this international forum – with no analogies in the present music world – has succeeded in taking its rightful place in this over-rich city of festivals – St. Petersburg, and has twice been awarded the title of “Best International Project of the Year”. In contrast to many music festivals, International Conservatoire Week does not promote well-known musicians, but introduces new names of talented young musicians and their instructors, and also presents the achievements of higher musical educational institutions from Russia, Europe, Asia, the USA, and Canada.

The festival’s main goal is to raise the prestige of the music profession – to restore respect for the work of professional musicians and to draw the attention of audience in various social groups – especially student-aged youth – to classical music. Nevertheless the festival is open towards all the styles and genres – be that ancient music or jazz, or ethno.

Over the past seven years the festival has given about 90 Russian and foreign higher musical educational institutions the opportunity to share experiences in various areas of the musical arts. This has strengthened mutual understanding between representatives of national musical cultures, and has helped to integrate Russia’s oldest conservatoire into the world music process. The seven previous festivals have featured a sum total of: more then 100 concert programmes of varied themes, 23 open lectures, 57 master classes, 2 competitions of young composers, 4 international seminars on concert management, 6 research conferences, and 4 art exhibitions. Tens of thousands of connoisseurs and music-lovers have participated therein.

The 8th annual festival in 2008 is dedicated to Sergey Rachmaninov’s 135th anniversary. That is why the music by the composer will gain the main position in the concert programs, and will sound as a musical offering to his memory.

The International Conservatoire Week Festival is supported by Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg Government; the Board of Trustees consists of the representatives of the embassies, the general consulates of the countries-participants, International culture institutes in St. Petersburg. The information support is provided by TV, broadcasting, and the press.
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The International Conservatoire Week Festival is interested in expansion of international contacts. We have welcomed the guests from Panama already and hope to meet them again at the International Week 2008. This year we hope to have musicians from Chile and Guatemala. It is always very inspiring for Russian musicians and public to have an opportunity to learn about national culture, musical traditions, instruments and even costumes of distant countries.