Programm of the First International Organ Braudo-Competition

First round
– preselection (CD-recordings).

Recording has to be submitted together with application.
The preselection will be held at the beginning of July 2009.

1. J.S.Bach. One of Trio-Sonatas N 1-6 (BWV 525-530). One fast (either first or third) and one slow movement (second) has to be recorded.

2. One of the following compositions:
D. Buxtehude. Preludium in D BuxWV 139, in d BuxWV 140, in e BuxWV 143, in g BuxWV 148, in a BuxWV 153, Toccata in F BuxWV 156 .
N. Bruhns. Preludium in e (large), Preludium in G.

3. One of the following compositions by J.Alain or O.Messiaen :
Alain: 2 Fantasie, Litanies
Messiaen: L’Ascension (2-nd or 3-rd meditation), Les corps glorieux (6-th or 7-th meditation), La Nativite du Segneur (5-th AND 6-th, or 9-th meditation)

Second round
(max. 14 participants, selected in the first round).

November 1st and 2nd, 2009 г.

1. J.S.Bach. One of the following compositions:
Preludes and Fugues: c-moll BWV 546, a-moll BWV 543, e-moll BWV 548, C-dur BWV 547, h-moll (B minor) BWV 544,
Toccatas and Fugues: d-moll (Dorian) BWV 538, E-Dur BWV 566,
Passacaglia BWV 582.

2. One of the French Symphonies or Sonatas of XIX-XX centuries :
Widor – Organ Symphony N 5 or N 6: two movements – first or last, and one of the middle movements
Vierne – Organ Symphony N 2 or N3 : two movements – first or last, and one of the middle movements
Guilmant – Sonata N 1 or N 5: two movements – first or last, and the middle movement

Franck. Choral E-dur (N 1) or a-moll (N 3)

3. Obligatory piece – the score will be sent before July 15 to all participants selected for the second round

Third round
(max. 6 participants, selected by Jury after the second round).

November 4, 2009

1. M.Reger. One of the choral fantasies – “Wie schoen leucht’t” op. 40-1, or “Wachet auf” op. 52-2,
or Fantasy and Fugue d-moll op.135b (short version/kurze Fassung), or Fantasy and Fugue on BACH op. 46

J.Reubke. Sonata “94-th Psalm”

2. A.Glasunoff. Prelude and Fugue D-dur ор. 93, or Prelude and Fugue d-moll ор.98