А new Dutch Quartet founded by Frans Vermeerssen and Robert Jan Vermeulen well known for his playing in mainstrean jazz groups, a growing interest in the music of Thelonious Monk and Misha Mengelberg. Together they put the intriguing basis for a new quartet: made a new repertoire and found talented young musicians to play with: Dion Nijland on bass and prize-winning drummer Yonga Sun.

Frans VERMEERSSEN (saxophone)
Frans was the leader of the groups «Vermeerssen Quartet» and «No Can Do» with Arend Niks. He played in Bik Bent Braam, All Ears, the Contraband, Joost Buis & His Famous Astronotes, and more. Besides playing the saxophone, Frans is an accomplished composer for various groups, working with theatre companies.

Robert Jan VERMEULEN (piano)
Vermeulen was the leader of the Amsterdam Jazz Quintet with which he recorded four CD’s. He is currently the pianist in the Loet van der Lee Quintet and for the past two years has been playing with the band Ugly Beauty, a band specializing in the music of Monk and Mengelberg. Recently he has developed a high interest in free forms of improvisation.