Founded in 1903, Western Michigan University (WMU) rapidly grew from a regional teachers college to an internationally regarded institution of higher education. What was once Western Michigan College became Western Michigan University in 1957. WMU is Michigan’s fourth largest higher education institution, attracting a diverse and culturally rich student body from across the United States and some 80 other countries. Music has been present on campus since the 1905 organization of the first orchestra. The School of Music provides undergraduate and masters programs in music education, music therapy, composition, jazz studies, and performance.

The School of Music is served by faculty members and staff that are active leaders in their professional organizations. This includes service as the president of the Double Bass Society, the International Horn Society, the American Music Therapy Association, and the International Trumpet Guild. Students in the School of Music are primarily from Michigan.

Last year students also came from 12 countries and 25 states. Performances were given in Great Britain, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Latvia, Estonia, etc. The School of Music has a long record of ongoing partnerships with numerous organizations, schools, foundations, churches, and companies.