Tambov S. V. Rachmaninov State Academy of Music is one of the oldest establishments for music education in Russia, which faced all the misfortunes of country’s history. It was founded as the music classes under the direction of pianist R. Gelm in 1879. In 1882 the classes were declared a part of the Imperial Russian Music Society and in 1900 they became the College of Music. In 1918 the college was nationalized and placed under control of People’s Commissariat of Education according to the governing body’s resolution. Afterwards it became Public and then State Conservatoire. In 1922 the Conservatoire became Technical school of Music and in 1936 was renamed as the College of Music in accordance with the resolution of All-Soviet Union arts committee under people’s commissariat. In 1956 the College of Music was renamed in honor of Sergei Rachmaninov, and in May 1996 the administrative authorities of Tambov region took a decision to reorganize it and created Tambov S. V. Rachmaninov State Academy of Music.