STUDENT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA of the Petrozavodsk А. Glazunov State Conservatoire

The group was organized in the same year with the Conservatoire’s foundation. Famous conductors such as F. Gluschenko, V. Nesterov, O. Soldatov, I. Logutov, U-Gen-Ir worked with the orchestra.

The orchestra has been directed by the docent and the Candidate of art criticism V. Stashinsky in recent years. Under his direction the group has performed works of A. Beloborodov, A. Shkeryants (Slovenia), musical compositions of Finnish and Karelian composers M. Murto and H.Vesman, compositions of young composers, who graduated the Conservatoire, for the first time. The orchestra constantly participates in the international festivals, in the plena and concerts of Composers’ union Karelia. Conductors from the USA were guest conductors of the orchestra as part of international cooperation with the University of Minnesota.